The stories of the lives 
we have changed.


Our Impact

There are many families currently living in the Baseco compound. Through your continuing generosity, we're able to regularly provide water for them, one family at a time. Here, you'll be able to read through updates and the stories of how people's lives have changed for the better, just through the small amount that you have given. Let's continue to give, because truly, your change makes a difference for these families. 

A total of 5,850 gallons of water was distributed to families in Baseco for the year 2018. The last water distribution was done on December 31, 2018, just in time for the families to welcome the new year with clean water to drink.

Out of more than one hundred million Filipinos, nine million rely on unsafe water supplies. In fact, water pollution in the Philippines, and a lack of proper sewage kills 55 people everyday. Diarrhea account for nearly 1.3 million deaths a year among children under five years of age, making it the second most common cause of child deaths worldwide....

Cent to Change aims to give access to clean drinking water for the families at Baseco, Tondo. During the launch at the start of this month, we are serving three (3) families. And because of your partnership, it is our joy to share with you that we are now serving ten (10) families. Each family is given two containers (10...

Motherhood is truly a hard and challenging role for any woman. In honor of all our hardworking moms this Mother's Day, we'd like to introduce you to one of our beneficiaries here in Cent to Change.

James 2:17 says that, " also by faith itself, if it does not have works, is dead." When the binding power of the Gospel enter a person's life, an incredible and radical transformation is bound to happen. This is the power that God displays whenever someone accepts Christ for salvation in their lives. As one's faith strengthens and their...

The First


On April 23, our partner, God of Tabernacle Church, delivered the first batch of containers of purified waters to the families we are helping in Baseco. Your contributions are changing the lives of our fellow Filipinos. small amount that you have given.

Serving Baseco


On the outskirts of the cities of Metro Manila lies a compound called Baseco. Dock workers toil around the port under the blazing heat of the sun. Manual laborers, mostly shirtless men, fill the compound's marketplace, as the consumers buy their food for the day. Vendors of various products fill the sidewalk, and tricycles go back and forth along...

Your change makes a difference.