Why this really 


Our Cause

Having access to clean water is certainly important in our lives. While most of us take this for granted because of the capability to easily purchase clean water, many Filipinos in poorer communities think of water bought from water-refilling stations as a type of luxury. Often, they would resort to drinking water from the tap, which likely contain mosquito larvae because of the conditions of the communities they live in. Because of this, residents regularly get sick from water-borne diseases like diarrhea. 

Access to water is so important that even the United Nations has this as its #6 Sustainable Development Goal from 2018 - 2030. Below is a video from the UN sharing more about the value and status of safe water all around the world.

Despite the importance of having clean water available, there is not much attention given to it in the country. This is why the team chose this as what we wanted to make a difference in. The steps may be small at the start, but through continuous strategic efforts, changes can be made that would have a big impact in the lives of the benefitting families. Through everyone's help and cooperation, we will all be able to sufficiently address the issue of the accessibility to clean water one community at a time.

Our Focus

Right now, we're targeting families in the Baseco community in partnership with God of Tabernacle. Once the donations are large enough to have a sustainable and regular schedule of providing water to residents of Baseco, we'll be adopting new communities
to also provide them with water.

Our Partners

God of Tabernacle Christian Church

The God Tabernacle is a local community church located in the Baseco compound at Tondo. It is a mission-sending church that aims to share the word of God and to reach the unreached so that the kingdom of God may expand throughout the nation and all over the world. Aside from the Baseco residents, they also serve the Dumagat Tribes in Sierra Madre (community at Tubigan and Angat), and Camanchin, San Ildefonso, Bulacan.

Your change makes a difference.