Mothers and Water


Motherhood is truly a hard and challenging role for any woman. In honor of all our hardworking moms this Mother's Day, we'd like to introduce you to one of our beneficiaries here in Cent to Change.

Mylene (pictured above) is the mother of one of the families we are helping at Baseco, Tondo. When her husband died, she was left to care for her three children.

To provide for the needs of her family, Mylene's job is to peel sacks of garlic. About thrice a week, sacks of unpeeled cloves of garlic are delivered to her doorstep. Each sack contains 15 kg of garlic, and she is paid Php 80.00 for every sack she has peeled.

Before Cent To Change started supplying her family with clean drinking water, Mylene's life was definitely harder. Everyday, she needed to collect water for her family's daily use. She had to walk for around thirty minutes under the heat of the sun just to get to the nearest water facility and to get back to her house later on. This is time wasted that could have been spent taking care of her children or peeling more cloves of garlic. Not to mention, there's also the heavy weight of taking the water from the facility back to her home which would take its toll on her after some time.

Mylene is only one of the millions of mothers who experience this everyday. The lack of access to clean water and clean sanitation cause great suffering to women around the world. By alleviating this crisis, we are reducing injuries from constant lifting and carrying loads of water.

This Mother's Day, let us honor the mothers around the world who selflessly sustain every household. By donating to Cent To Change, you are enabling mothers to have access to clean water, thus freeing them to have more time to spend in caring for their children. 

No matter how small the contribution is, your change makes a difference.

Your change makes a difference.