Gift Beneath The Water Crisis


It's been over a month since majority of cities in Metro Manila experienced water crisis. The news about it was all over the media. People from the affected areas shared their own sentiments and sacrifices on social sites. Some were forced to skip work and school because of the unexpected lack of something truly necessary for everyday life. Hassle, right?

It is during these situations that we're all enlightened and reminded about the importance of something we almost always take for granted. Water surely is one of our needs to survive but how many times have we wasted a gallon or two for a small dirt on our feet, or the laziness to double check if the faucet is tightly closed or not? We are so privileged to enjoy clean and clear water to wash our clothes with or to water our plants. But may our recent experience be a daily nudge for us to be wise about water usage, and be more appreciative of what we have since we are prone to forgetfulness when we have everything in a snap.

Somehow, there's a hidden gift beneath the water crisis that only few people could get. The issue had let us fill in the shoes of those who are dealing with it every day. It granted us a humbling privilege to empathize and extend our hearts to the people who are living in areas like Baseco, who have been struggling to consume clean drinking water. Several family members have suffered and died because of dirty water and this has broken not just families but hope and dreams as well.

Thank God for Cent to Change, an organization that has been giving out gallons of clean drinking water to a number of families in the said location. You can be part of this movement by partnering with them. Making a difference shouldn't be difficult, for it only takes a step or two to cause a shift of course and impact the lives of many people.

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