Bet On Hope


Why are you doing all these things

I was asked that question last week. I turned 32 this month and that question was a perfect reminder of my 'why'. I am a little bit nerdy. I learned that on average, the lifespan of Filipino men is 69.09. That leaves me 37 years, 1 month and some days to live. I bet; I will live more.

What if I won't? What will be my 37 years look like?

I hope that it will be full of fun memories and adventure with my wife and our children. I also hope that the 37 years will be intentionally given to also serve other people.

I bet on hope, always.

Last year, together with friends, Cent To Change was born. The concept is simple, what if you can make a change using the less than a hundred pesos or even cents in your bank account? One year after, we are already making a difference to 30 families, 175 total household members. Among them are 75 children (5years old and below). Diarrhea account for nearly 1.3 million deaths a year among children under five years of age, making it the second most common cause of child deaths worldwide.

That was a meaningful start of my countdown. It was not easy. Fundraising is hard. Sometimes, I have to shell out more than the amount I was able to raise. I am naturally an introvert, posting this, and posting it before was a scary moment. Until, I made a conviction that to be the voice of families and kids and Baseco is one of the best jobs that I could ever do in my life time.

My story is not so different from them. My family was almost in the same situation as the families in Baseco. My family depended on rain for our comfort room. My brother and I would carry 10 gallons of water each day from the community well to our home in a slopy hill. We will transfer it to drinking containers using a white cloth filter.

Why I am doing all these things? Because I know how it is to be in a world where everything feels scary. That every decision is dependent on what could happen tomorrow. But many took chances on me. I am here because somebody became our voice.

Ultimately, I know that I am meant to abound in good works. 

This is originally written here: Bet On Hope - Bite-Sized