2018 Milestones


A total of 5,850 gallons of water was distributed to families in Baseco for the year 2018. The last water distribution was done on December 31, 2018, just in time for the families to welcome the new year with clean water to drink.

We never expected that 2018 will be that awesome! 

Our journey started when we got the knowledge that millions of Filipinos still do not have access to clean water and that children suffer diarrhea even leading to death because of this. 

We believe that if more people will just know, a lot will come and help.

On April 28, 2018, we started pitching to friends and interested individuals about Baseco and that 10 gallons of clean water for a family would only cost Php50. That month, we were supporting 3 families only but because of your immense support we ended 2018 by helping out 30 families - 170 total household members, 75 children (5 years old and below). When the intervention started, no diarrhea has been reported to the beneficiaries.    

We continue to do our journey this 2019 as we hope to reach out to new places in the rural areas of the country.