Let's make things clearer.



  • How are you able to provide water to the community?
  • For Baseco, we're currently partnered with God of Tabernacle, a Christian community church located in the compound. We give the total donations to them and they're the ones who buy the gallons of water and deliver them personally to the selected families. Once more people give, we'll also be able to target more families to provide them with clean water. We can only add another family to help when we get a budget until December 2018 for the families we are currently supporting.

    • What are the fees involved?

    Supporting our cause is totally free. 100% of the donations goes to the intended beneficiaries. We do not get overhead fees for our operations.

  • How can I be sure that the money is placed where it should be?

We're very transparent in terms of the contributions that have already been made and how much we have given to the organization. You may view the Our Impact  page or wait for our monthly emails to see different updates of where the donations go to.

  • Do you hold outreach activities for the Baseco residents?

For now, not yet. This, however, is part of the plans that we want to do in the future. Participants of Cent to Change are welcome to join the outreach activity so that they may see the residents' situation first-hand and even interact with the beneficiaries of the movement.

  • How can I involve my friends or the organization that I am in?
Cent to Change can visit your organization or you may set-up a meeting with your friends for us to share about the vision of what we're doing.  Kindly send us a message at hello@centtochange.com or you may send us a message via Contact

Feel free to Contact us if you have more questions so we can update here also.